Sunday, February 15, 2009

Complete overhaul on the blog; New Youtube account

Well Wednesday is the combine, really the true start of the offseason. It's when everything kicks off, and technically when the dawn of a new season starts. So I felt that I should address this before we get deeper and deeper in the offseason. Things are dead now, and I thought I'd spice things up a bit.

Tonight, I was motivated to take charge in some things that I've been wanting to cover over the past few weeks. I finally got to doing that, and it's like a monkey off of my back. First off, I'd like to thank all the support I've gotten on this blog, and on my Youtube account. I'm really appreaciative of all of that. Thanks guys.

Anyways, about this blog. I completely redid the template, I think it looks a bit more professional now, and now I have a banner that makes it a little more attractive. Attractiveness and professionalism are always good things to have. So that's a plus.

But the big news tonight for me is my transition from the name that made me on Youtube. I've been known as "playa3247", and I didn't feel like that was the name that was going to get me anywhere that I felt like I needed to go. So, I also changed the name of my blog from "How High is a Mile High?", to "Broncos Central", it's a lot shorter and a lot more easy to convey to people as I'm trying to advertise myself. So I followed suit with my video blogging on Youtube, and changed my name to "BroncosCentral", it makes things a lot more easy and organized with the blog and the Youtube channel all linked to one name. I'm also hoping this gives me a boost in respect and a boost in viewers.

Well that's it, it's going to be a tough time in the video making world, knowing that I have to rebuild my reputation on there. But it'll certainly be better for the longterm goals that I'm trying to accomplish.

So tonight I made a farewell playa3247 video, and a hello BroncosCentral video(I'll be making a more official BroncosCentral video in the coming days), and here it is.

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jdh92389 said...

the site looks awesome! EXTREMELY professional!