Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Former Patriot to the Broncos... More to follow?

So Josh McDaniels has made another splash in the coaching department. Now bringing in ex-Patriot linebacker, Roman Phifer. The former first round pick is expected to help coach the linebacker position.

Phifer played with three NFL ball clubs in his NFL career. Starting his career out with the LA Rams, in which he led the team in tackles 3 out of those 8 years. Then he moved on to the Jets for 2 years, and finally finished off his career with his final 4 years in New England, winning 3 Superbowls.

Now I know, for the casual fan this isn't big news. But it made me think. If McDaniels is willing to bring in a former Patriot to become a coach(His first pro coaching gig, mind you), then the majority of the Broncos free agents this year could very well be former Patriots. So I decided to give it a look, and this is what I've come up with.

Well, to start things off. As I previously mentioned in another blog entry, we have approximately $34 million to spend this offseason(As of NOW, before the cuts that WILL eventually happen before free agency which will free up $10-$15 million). And I'd just like to say that it's seriously nice to know that we have room to spend this year. Unlike every other year when we're $3-$4 million under and we have to ask 6 or 7 players to restructure their contracts. With this much room, it almost automatically assures McDaniels that he'll be able to mold the team to his liking. So I fully expect at least 4 or 5 Patriots in a Broncos uniform next year, including:
-Mike Wright

-Lamont Jordon
-Pierre Woods
-Larry Izzo
-Rosevelt Colvin
-James Sanders

Those are probably the guys on McDaniels board right now.

Also there's those ex-Patriot veterans that McDaniels has worked with during the Superbowl years and would bring a leadership role with them...

-Willie McGinest

-Ty Law

-Lawyer Milloy

It's a stretch that we bring in ALL of these players, but I could easily see at least 3 of them sporting orange and blue next year. The next 3 weeks are going to be interesting. And the following 3 weeks after that are going to be even more interesting.

Stay tuned.

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