Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm convinced: Cutler is fine, and will not be traded

Alright. So things have really blown up over the past couple of hours. Apparently, Cutler was part of a deal that would have sent Matt Cassell to Denver. And apparently, Cutler is furious and demanded a trade, which was declined by team officials. The Broncos were also reported to have offered their first round pick to the Patriots for Cassell.

I'm here to say,


ESPN, stop reporting false rumors and stop being completely idiotic with this subject. It's dead. It's not happening. And I highly doubt that Cutler is as mad as you guys are saying. Schefter hasn't reported anything about a "demanded trade", and Schefter is 3 times more reliable than you idiots.

Look. I realize that the trade talks have caused a stir. It's a good story to report. And the apparent "demand for a trade" has us pissed off at McDaniels. And I agree that the fact that they even thought about trading him is absolutely pathetic and scummy. But the fact of the matter is, Cutler HAS NOT BEEN QUOTED for demanding a trade. Cutler, however, has been quoted for saying this:

"I've heard the rumors," Cutler said. "I know what they're trying to do. Even though I love Denver and I'd love to remain a Bronco, I know how this business works. If they want me to play somewhere else, so be it."

That is just simply ESPN throwing fuel on the fire.

Although, Cutler is stubborn, and by saying "so be it", he could mean, "Alright, you don't want me? Well then you're not going to have me"

But he hasn't said that. And he won't say that.

Also, Adam Schefter was just reported to have said that EVERY team contacted DENVER for the trade. Denver didn't pick up the phone and say "We want to trade Cassell for Cutler". It is what it is, STOP READING MORE INTO IT!

Newly signed safety, Brian Dawkins, was in Denver all morning. He had to be aware of the trade talks. Do you really think he would have signed with the Broncos if he knew that we were shopping away our franchise QB?

I think he'd realize the ramifications to that.

Also, the report about the first round pick. WHY would the Patriots trade TWO PLAYERS for a 2nd round pick to Kansas City if they were offered a 1st for ONE PLAYER?

Completely stupid topic people. Move on.


Anonymous said...

I am finally convinced too when I heard a phone interview with cutler on cbs4denver.... he sounded pissed but he never really gave a hint that he wants out.... and speaking of ESPN do they really call this crap reporting..... it more like gossip then anything.... maybe they should change their name to gossip ESPN... an other news we got Dawkins and it was a good move

Anonymous said...

wow!!!! where to start. I love the fact that we got dawkins!!!!! im hating the fact there even thinking about trading cutler. Cassel had one starting year and it was in NEW ENGLAND!!!! like wtf i was so looking forward to McDaniels to being the coach but if hes gonna come in here and talk that he wants cassel its just rediculous. I think mcdaniels just wants some1 he was really close to from new england and that happens to be cassel. I mean come on Cutlers a PRO BOWL qb and one of the best young qbs out there. alot of teams would love to have cutler. BUT COME ON WITH THIS GOSSIP NOW GET IT STRAIGHTENED OUT SO PEOPLE ARNT TALKING ABOUT FAKE RUMORS, OR COME OUT WITH A PRESS CONFERENCE.