Sunday, February 8, 2009

With the Pro Bowl over, it's officially the offseason

First off, I would like to apologize for my absence. I got a case of bronchitis(Or is it... Broncoitis?) last week and I was down and out. Then I got pretty lazy as far as this, but I'm back. And I will be back from here on out(Or at least until I miss the Broncos again). But anyways. There wasn't much to talk about in the Bronco world anyway. Besides, Brandon Marshall's guarantee that the Broncos will make the Superbowl, eventually(God I would hope so). But other than that, yeah, pretty much nothing.

As far as the Pro Bowl though, it was pretty entertaining. Seeing Larry Fitzgerald continue his amazing postseason success and bringing it to Hawaii was something nice to witness. I'm pretty mad about Cutler and Marshall's performance, however. So many opportunities for Marshall to see the endzone, and a bunch of drops. Cutler had the interception, I was pretty mad about that too. But hell, what are you going to do. It's the Pro Bowl, no biggie. Haha.

But moving on. It's the offseason, and this is pretty much the most depressing part of the year. This week, and next week, until the NFL Combine rolls around. Then the draft talk picks up. Free agency is right around the corner and it's an overall exciting part of the year. But until then it's like blah.

The offseason in general still is not football season though. And that's what I live for(Really, it is). So I've written down some important dates for my personal life to look forward to, so I can focus on them, and then focus on another thing, and before I know it, it'll be July and training camp already. Fortunately for you, however, I have not only written down important dates for my personal life, but for my online loser life also. Which I will post in this blog. So basically you can check these dates out and see when I'm going to be posting or writing about what.

And here it is.

2/20/09 - Johns Hopkins Lacrosse opens up. This is when I will return to making videos on Youtube, and you'll be able to see my postgame breakdowns of those games, just like the end of last season. You can forget about this. Now that I made my transition on Youtube to strictly NFL/Broncos, I will be discontinuing my analysis on College Lacrosse.

2/26/09 - I will be making a combine recap blog. Stocks that are rising, falling, etc. will be included.

2/27/09 - NFL Free Agency begins, yay. I will be posting a blog entry for each signing of the offseason for the Broncos. Including a list of the free agency we have signed thus far at the end of each entry. And if they're big names, you can expect to see a video on it.

3/2/09 - I will be releasing my first of 3 Denver Broncos mock drafts(Pre-free agency).

4/6/09 - I will be releasing my second of 3 Denver Broncos mock drafts(Post-free agency).

4/24/09 - The eve of the draft. I will be releasing my final Denver Broncos mock draft. You can expect to see a video on this one, as well as the blog.

4/25/09~4/26/09 - Draft weekend, expect full coverage from me on this. This includes big trades, surprise picks, etc. I'll be expanding out, this will be deeper than just a Broncos blog entry, this will be for the entire NFL.

4/27/09 - My second annual Denver Broncos draft recap video. Last year's draft recap video was the video that put me on the map on Youtube, and I expect to do a very similar thing this year. Not quite as long though. And I'll probably write something up as far as a deeper analysis.

And that's it for now. After the draft I'll make another post similar to this with a new schedule(May-July) to get me through the rest of the offseason. But for now I'm just taking it one week at a time and looking forward to our future aquisition and our future draft picks. So, until next time, I'll see you all later.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Keep up the great work. Been a major fan of your on youtube and thought I'd leave some love on your blogs. Hope the broncos turn it around on defense cause god knows I wanted to just break something almost every week. Also what do you think about the new additions to our staff?

Neil said...

Hey just wanted to say props to this bronco video/bloggen website youv been doen. Im a hard core bronco fan in san diego were i rep it all season , in the bars, partys all day haha so ill be posten comments around peace!