Monday, March 2, 2009

The Broncos sign DT Fields; Mock draft postponed until Thursday

The Broncos got their nose tackle.

Or at least one of them.

Monday evening, the Denver Broncos have announced the signing of DT Ronald Fields, who is a former San Francisco 49er, and has previously played under new Broncos defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

This signing was expected initially, but after the Broncos scheduled a visit with him on Saturday, and he left without a deal, his signing was in doubt. But they have indeed signed him now and he is a part of the Denver Broncos.

It is uncertain what role he will play in the Broncos defense, he will most likely be the NT and the anchor to the Broncos 3-4 scheme, but that could change come draft day. But as for right now, he's the Broncos guy, and at 28 years old, he could still have a good amount of upside.

And I'd also like to announce that I'm postponing my Denver Broncos mock draft that was scheduled today, until Thursday. Mainly because I want to see where the Denver Broncos stand at the RB position before I make the mock. And, with a Tampa visit in Derrick Ward's near future, I'm making sure where we're going with this.

And that brings me to an update on Ward. Apparently he is going to stay in Denver until Tuesday morning, so a deal could essentially get completed by then. As of right now though, there isn't much publicity on how the visit has gone thus far.

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