Monday, March 2, 2009

Marshall charges dropped; Goodell to still investigate

The good news that I came home to this morning? The charges filed against Brandon Marshall that were released late last night were dropped, and dismissed by an Atlanta court.

The bad news that I woke up to after my nap? Roger Goodell is still going to investigate the situation, and Marshall could still be facing a suspension, a SERIOUS suspension.

If Marshall is suspended indefinitely, or for the season, we could have very well seen Marshall in his last game as a Denver Bronco. Marshall's contract with the Denver Broncos is completed next season, and with the controversy surrounding him right now, if he ends up being suspended, could ultimately end up with Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders not wanting him to be a part of the Denver Bronco organization.

Earlier last week, I made a case in one of my videos to say that Marshall absolutely needs to be resigned, and we can't take our chances with him hitting the open market. Now that this has happened, there may not be another alternative other than letting him go.

The thing about this, is despite the case being dismissed, Marshall was still involved with a legal problem yesterday. Players just don't become involved with a legal problem without there being some kind of conflict. Obviously something went on with Marshall yesterday, how serious it was or not, is not the fact of the matter. The fact of the matter is that he should have never been put in that situation.

Prime example, Champ Bailey. Now I know, every human being can't be perfect, and I'm not saying that Champ is. But Champ has never been in trouble with the law, and he's never even been involved with the law.

What I'm coming to is, Marshall had to have been put in a situation where he was in danger of getting in trouble, and if he was as mature and grown up as he said he is, then he shouldn't have been in that situation.

And the worst part? Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver is reporting that it was a conflict with his newly engaged fiance,
Michi Leshase Nogami-Campbell.

If this has any credibility to it, this will be the second woman that Marshall has been in trouble with. So maybe it's not the woman, but rather, Marshall. And if that's the case, then Marshall could be facing a steep suspension. And the #12 pick in the draft could be used on a WR, rather than a defensive player which has been the projection since before the season ended.

Something tells me that Marshall isn't out of the woods with Goodell. Goodell did him a favor last season, and now this could be the last straw.

And what if Marshall's rights are traded to a team, so the Broncos can get some kind of compensation for the talented, star, pro bowl WR? What if he's just flat out released? How much would that upset, already upset QB Jay Cutler who has grown and developed with Marshall throughout his career? This could get ugly(If you thought it couldn't get uglier).

We could have already seen the last of what was going to be a great career here in Denver, maybe two.


Neil said...

dude what is going on with our team.. shit man, this is sorry news. broncos have to get themselves together they have to be unstoppable next year!!

broncofan599 said...

This article is just flat out depressing man. lol. I laugh about it but seriously...Cutler and Marshall are our two pro bowl players, well besides Wiegman. These are my two fav Broncos right now. I don't want to see either of them go, and im almost sure they won't. But all these talks are kinda gettin to me. Well im gonna keep my head up and wit to hear some positive news...