Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cutler and Broncos meet, but not face to face

Just as I mentioned that there has been little to no news in the Bronco world, the meeting that was expected between head coach Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler, happened. Unfortunately, it was not face to face, but instead through conference calls. And as CBS 4 of Denver put it, issues still remain between them.

Also, apparently Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was also involved with the conference calls, and this mess has yet to be sorted out. Apparently, also, Bowlen placed 2 calls to Cutler last week, and either call has yet been returned.

This entire situation continues to dig deeper and deeper, and I think that the Broncos could have very well dug a hole so deep that they won't be able to climb out of it to this point.

The Broncos offseason program starts this coming Monday, and Cutler is expected to show up, but to this point, who really knows? This mess has yet to be sorted out, and things seem to be going from bad to worse in Dove Valley.

Stay tuned.

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Neil said...

So this is the post i put on nfl.com broncos home page..

alright so basically josh mc.D is STILL getting himself a bad name.. (its jay cutler) a quaterback who set freaken franchise records... no way in million years could (matt cassel) look as good as half the QB's in the NFL. Ya your system worked good for haven Tom Brady out.. but lets not be a red neck and "O.. I think Matt cassel is just as good as Jay, Peyton, Warner, Big Ben, and the list goes on".

now that im done venting, no matter what ill be a die hard bronco fan. but man lets get our head on our shoulders and start establish a good friendship with Jay, cause obviously if cassel could get it in 1 YEAR.. SO CAN CUTLER. PEACE IM OUT.

so with his being said.. man i really hope jay stays a bronco cause Jay is the man, i watch every team in the NFL cause Football is what i live for and talking shi* too haha but.. This NEEDS to be figured out.. and figured out in a GOOD way.