Sunday, March 1, 2009

A pure random, somewhat logical idea...

So I’m thinking…

I’ve been visiting the Patriots message boards asking what they think of the situation. And apparently McDaniels doesn’t tolerate drama queens, much like Belichick doesn’t. This makes me think.

Matthew Stafford has drawn drastic comparisons to Jay Cutler. Their poise, stance, release, is almost EXACTLY the same. As far as arm strength Cutler has more velocity on the ball, but regardless, Stafford can make all the throws on the field and that’s all you need. They are both smart. But at the same time they were both put down for their poor decision making and trusting their arm too much.

It’s crazy because I was reading Stafford’s biography back in January before all the hooplah started and I was thinking about Cutler the entire time.

Could we see a draft day trade, that includes Jay Cutler to the Lions for the #1 pick in the draft? Then the Broncos would take Stafford, be able to start off with a clean slate, and have McDaniels mold Stafford into the QB that he wants without any rebellion.

And then what to do with the #12 pick? Could it be that we would take Knowshon Moreno and keep Stafford/Moreno united?

If anything, this would create the biggest draft day talk generated since Eli refused to play for the Chargers.

Could you imagine this entire scenario on draft day?

Chris Berman: "So, will the Lions takes Stafford #1 overall, or will Josh McDaniels have a little something up his sleeve. The rumors have been flying. Cutler doesn't want to be a Bronco. McDaniels isn't going to put up with it."

*ESPN crew discusses*

2 minutes later

*Roger Goodell walks up to the podium*

Roger Goodell: "The Detroit Lions are now on the clock"

*ESPN goes to a commercial break, then come back*

Chris Berman: Oh boy, there's still 6 minutes left on the clock, let's see what we have here!"

*Roger Goodell walks up to the podium*

Roger Goodell: "There has been a trade between the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos and the Broncos are now on the clock."

*The crowd ERUPTS*

Then the ESPN crew starts talking, rumors are flying around that Cutler was traded. But they don't know for sure yet. But Berman is hinting at it.

*5 minutes later, they show Stafford in the green room on the phone.*

*Goodell walks back up to the podium...*

Chris Berman(in the background): "UH OHH! UH OHH! HERE WE GO!

Roger Goodell: "With the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select, Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia"

So they start talking about everything, the trade, the details, what it does for the Broncos, what it does for the Lions, Mel Kiper Jr. breaks it all down with the highlights.
And it would be the biggest story of the offseason, easily.

I just don't want to see anything happen when the season starts and Cutler is upset with being a Bronco.

It could lead us to a horrible season, it could lead us to something disastrous. Cutler could be labeled as a cancer, McDaniels could be fired, Dawkins would retire and we'd never feel the full effects of his leadership, Marshall could get tired of losing, and switching coaches. Everyone could get fed up.

It would be a big mess, and I think EVEN if the situation is "straightened out", there would still be MAJOR trust issues between McDaniels and Cutler and the entire transition may just never work. They may never be on the same page. They may never become friends. And you NEED that in a QB/Coach relationship. It could be horrible.

So in conclusion...

It's not that I want this scenario to happen, I just am afraid to see Cutler as a Bronco from here on out, I think things are ruined beyond repair, personally. And the chance to get Stafford, would allow McDaniels the chance to build the QB of his liking, rather than a QB that is likely to rebel against any philosophy that McDaniels preaches.

And if McDaniels wasn't afraid to trade him yesterday for Cassel, what makes you think that he wouldn't be afraid to trade him on draft day if he doesn't feel comfortable with Cutler's attitude and his relationship with Cutler?

Yesterday could have very well been the beginning of the end of Cutler in Denver.

I’m just thinking about this. It’s just an idea on my part. But if it happens, remember where you heard it from.

And also remember, that stranger things HAVE happened.

By the way, my first Denver Bronco mock draft is tomorrow, so stay tuned.


broncofan599 said...

Wow man, I wish the whole Cutler thing never happened. It sickens me. I was sure that Cutler was our francise QB, and the fact that theres a chance that he could be on his way out, shocks me. I don't know if a guy like Jay can forgive Mcdaniels for seriously considering trading him away. I really dont know what to think. I guess ill just wait to see what ultimately happens...

Neil said...

wow.. this is honestly the worst thing to see as a bronco fan.. Im so bitter about this whole situation. Josh Mc is getting himself a bad rap so far. And just this is so STUPID!