Monday, March 16, 2009

DEVLOPING RUMOR: Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, spotted in Buffalo

The Jay Cutler story and saga lives on. Normally I'd put the squash to rumors like this, but apparently there are several different sources are confirming this.

There could also be a possibility that Cook is there to discuss a deal with a different client of his, but one has to think that it has to be involving Cutler.

More to come as more develops.

Update(8:46 PM EST, 3/16/09) - is confirming this now. Apparently former Buffalo Bill offensive linemen, Ruben Brown, announced during his radio show that Cook was spotted in Buffalo on Monday.

Cook has no clients that are currently signed on the Bills roster, but there are 2 that are technically "on the trading block", those 2 include TE Tony Scheffler, and QB Jay Cutler.

Scheffler seems like the more obvious candidate to be heading to Buffalo, but, you never know.

Stay tuned.


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jay cutler is not going to buffalo. and we're not getting trent edwards