Friday, March 13, 2009

Cutler puts Denver home up for sale

The Denver Broncos disgruntled pro bowl quarterback, Jay Cutler, has just shown another sign that he doesn't want to be in Denver.


According to the Denverpost, Cutler has put his house in Denver up for sale and has it priced at $2 million dollars. The value when he bought it was $1.34 million.

Now, us spectators may be looking too far into this, but that's what we're here for. Cutler has expressed his disinterest in playing for new head coach, Josh McDaniels. He has shown disgust with the Broncos organization this past week despite talking to them on Tuesday. And he hasn't been in Denver since the day that he was apparently being shopped, it all has to play into the story somehow.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is... Cutler's future(or lack-thereof) in Denver is not looking too bright, and he could be on his way out sooner than expected.

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Neil said...

honestly... wtf.

Cutler just has got to let this B.S go behind him, and just mob it..

Josh McD is a idiot for even thinking of Cassel instead of Cutler.. Something that i partially blame Pat bowln for.. (Jerry jones steps up when he needs to.) Along with firing Shanahan.

So just to dogg Cassel a little more this is how i feel about Matt Cassel.. "hmmm Im a professional football player/star, ive played w/ or against Cutler for some years and a ( 1 year guy that hasnt started since highschool, is gonna come run this show.. LOL )

It was all partial luck with Cassel, the Pats system AND players are among the best in the NFL league so OBVIOUSLY its not just gonna be a COPY PASTE FOOL. PEACE.