Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Newly aquired Buckhalter named as a client involving a drug deal

Mike Anderson.

Travis Henry.

Correll Buckhalter?

Thursday's headlines include the Denver Broncos newly aquired RB, Correll Buckhalter, as a client in a drug trial today. Buckhalter denies the alleged allegations saying that there is no validity to the statement, and he hasn't been charged. However, if found guilty, Buckhalter would most likely face a suspension for quarter of the season.

Buckhalter, 30, played 8 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles prior to signing his four-year, $10 million dollar deal on the first day of free agency, Febuary 27th and is expected to be the Broncos starting RB this season.

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Neil said...

hey so.. this is it.. Cutler is going to leave the C.O ... wow this really really sucks. talks on him going to the bears / redskins?!! this whole josh mcD has really F***ED things up. and ya know ill still be a broncos fan but ya know.. way to loose convidence in your team..